SimpleWan Alerts, this enables you to create an Alert policy that informs you when a site has issues.  To begin,  you must log-in to your reseller account and click on the email that you used to log-in on the top right. Then, a drop list will show up and you will click on the tab for Alert settings.

To create a Alert policy you must click on the + sign button

In creating an Alert you must input the Name of the policy, Input the site/sites name that you wanted this policy to trigger on and the type of event this Alert will happen. 

Then you must select an Event as to what will trigger the Alert to, you can apply this event by clicking on the drop down list and select the Alert Threshold as to when you'll need this Alert to happen.

Lastly, you select 3 options as to where were sending the Alerts to, it can be through a Dashboard Alert, The Email onfile that is set-up on the account and SMS. Review the inputs and save the changes below.

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