Changing Interface Information (Relocation/Changing ISP)

Changing Interface Information (Relocation/Changing ISP)

Changing WAN Interface

To change the WAN Interface you need to do the Following:
  1. Make sure you have the necessary information for your connection.
  2. Make sure you have a currently active connection or a back up connection.
  3. Change the WAN Type to the new ISP provided type.
  4. Input all necessary information if available.
  5. Save
  6. Wait for the unit to Sync under the Site Overview Location and General Information panel. Unit should download the new information. If unit is down, connect to backup connection to proceed with download.
  7. Connect the new ISP connection on the WAN port (if cabled).
  8. Wait for the unit to come up or reboot the SimpleWAN unit.
A speed test should appear if the unit is successful in swapping over to the new connection.

Swapping WAN and WAN2

  1. Write down both WAN and WAN2 Information.
  2. Go to Interfaces > WAN2. Disable WAN2.
  3. Wait for the unit to Sync under the Site Overview Location and General Information panel.
  4. Go to Interfaces > WAN and change the information with the WAN2 settings.
  5. Save
  6. Wait for the unit to Sync and give it a minute.
  7. Swap the cables for WAN and OPT Port (WAN2).
  8. Wait for unit to come up or reboot the SimpleWAN unit.
  9. Go to Interfaces > WAN2. Enable WAN2
  10. Input information using previous WAN settings.
  11. Save
  12. Wait for unit to Sync and give it a minute.
  13. Run a Speed Test or Reboot SimpleWAN unit.

Changing Built In 4G to Cabled connection.

Make sure to save the 4G information on the WAN Interface
  1. Follow Steps above for Changing WAN Interface.
  2. You may then set WAN2 with the 4G information by following steps 9-13 of Swapping WAN and WAN2.

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