Creating a New Site

Creating a New Site

*This tutorial is for resellers only -- users should already have a site created for them, please contact support if you need help with a SimpleWAN site.

When you receive a new SimpleWAN device in the mail, the MAC address should be on a barcode label at the bottom of a unit. Note that a SimpleWAN device will not be registered until you create a site associated with the MAC address on the cloud dashboard and connect the device to the Internet.

Once you have the MAC address, login to the dashboard. If you're adding a unit to a current account, click on that account. If you need to add a new account, click the + plus on the upper right of accounts.

After the account is open, scroll down to the header for Sites, Click the + plus on the right to open the form for creating a new site.

Fill out the required fields and save the new site information.

Now that you have the new site created, you can edit settings for the device before plugging it in by entering the Site Overview page of the given SimpleWAN device.

Once you have edited the SimpleWAN settings in the Site Overview to your liking (created firewall rules, etc.), you can connect the device to the Internet by following the provided startup guide. If you are going to create multiple sites with the same setup, consider using the template feature.


You can find the template option under the edit site menu (mentioned above). At the very bottom, near the save button, there should be a clickable checkbox with “is a template” attached to it. Choose that option to make this site a template for copying over to new sites in the future.

When you mark a site as a template, the template can be updated at anytime. Keep in mind that any update to an existing template will only be reflected upon NEW sites you create with the template. Previous sites following that template will not affected by any changes of the template. 

If you find yourself with all sites needing the same exact firewall rules on a given account, you may consider using an account-based firewall rule, which can be accessed from the cloud Dashboard's admin page of that given account (same page as where you started when creating a new site , see Firewall setup guide for more details).

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