Does SimpleWAN support PRI hand offs?

No, our units would require additional hardware to support this feature!

Where can I see specifications on the units?

You can download the White Papers here:

I can't use certain service while on Load Balancing.

You will have to create a Regular Rule to allow the service to go through. The Rule would look as follows: LAN | TCP/UDP | *:* | IP(of the service):*

Why is the 48 Hour Intensive Latency's Time different?

The 48 Hour Intensive Latency uses GMT 0:00. You will need to subtract the hours based on your timezone i.e. -5 hours for EST.
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      USE THIS AS A LAST RESORT Connect Null Modem Adapter + Serial USB Adapter. Start putty with settings: Terminal Console Setting 9600bps 8N1 Then Reboot the SimpleWan (Power Cycle with 10-15 second rest) After the reboot / Press Ctrl+C It should bring ...