Factory Reset - Defaulting Your Unit

Factory Reset - Defaulting Your Unit

If you come into a situation where you need to factory reset, your device will have a pin hole reset as well as other options available. Please use the pinhole as a last resort when all else fails.

If you are resetting due to a static IP, remove the IP from the interface listed in the navigation pane on the Site Overview of the desired device before proceeding. Generally, you should not need to reset the device just because of a static IP change. This is something that can be done simply by removing all Internet connectivity to the device, plugging in a laptop directly into the LAN port or a switch connected to the LAN port, rebooting the device, and typing in your LAN interface that you setup for this particular device (for example, into a browser. This will prompt you with a screen stating that the device couldn't reach the Internet, and it will give you the option to place your new information in. Also, from this screen, you will be able to select factory reset this device at the bottom-center of the screen.

If the GUI option mentioned above did not pan out, and you have a serial cable available with PuTTY or Coolterm on a pc, you can also plug into the SimpleWAN and choose option 3 to factory reset the device from the PuTTY or Coolterm terminal display.

Finally, if all else has failed, simply insure the device is plugged into a power source with no other interface cables attached (only power, no Internet or LAN). Hold down the pin hole reset on the front of the unit for 45 seconds, the unit will flash the 3 lights at the front and reboot. It will then start running its startup process. At this time, you can start the process of adding Internet information into the SimpleWAN when prompted if necessary. If it is a DHCP connection, that is the default option for the SimpleWAN, so no further action (other than ensuring the modem in front of the device is in a bridged mode) is required at this point. Plug the interface cables back into the SimpleWAN.

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