@Home Installation Internal Practices

@Home Installation Internal Practices

When Setting up the @Home product  for customers there are several things to keep in mind:

1) Make sure to notate that the Product is an @Home device under the Description

2) When selecting Hardware, use either Platinum 500 WIFI or Platinum 504 WIFI

3) Set your Template to SimpleWAN @Home 4G

4) Go back to the Edit Site page and make sure the Firmware is set to 6.10.1 or higher.

5) Under Interfaces > WAN: Ensure that APN is set to B2B.static [Static] or fast.t-mobile.com[Dynamic] (T-Mobile) or blank for AT&T. The APN will only appear if the Interface is set to 4G.

6) Set up 2 Things for the WIFI (Wireless)
      a) SSID should be "SIMPLEWAN" (all caps)
      b) Pass word should be the MAC Address of the device with all Letters in caps

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