I'm not getting the Speed I pay for

I'm not getting the Speed I pay for

We provide QoS so you can provide reliable speed to your devices. When you pay for a certain speed down, a lot of what is advertised is burst speed. We run tests that get us a constant speed for both upload and download streams. Burst speed is not handy for QoS! Imagine we think that we have 100 down and in reality only have a constant stream of about 70 down. This is going to lead to problems! We always go by streaming speed and not burst speed. Also, testing a device behind the SimpleWAN unit without having the speed test mode on isn't going to give you a clear picture of what speed you have. Part of QoS is not allowing any one device to suck down all the bandwidth. You will not get the full bandwidth to one device behind a QoS device. If you have someone that insists on trying to test their speed behind the SimpleWAN on their computer, please enable speed test mode as shown below:

For additional information about how our speed test works, please watch this Video.

We recommend using a site like DSLReports or TestMy over a site like SpeedTest.net
Warning: If there are ANY devices that are connected to the modem besides the SimpleWAN unit, your connection will show improper speeds and/or prevent the SimpleWAN unit from gaining proper connection. 
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