Load Balancing Rule to use only one ISP IP

Load Balancing Rule to use only one ISP IP

When using Load Balancing the SimpleWAN unit will use the IP with the most optimum connection to the website, server, etc. This sometimes causes conflict with devices such as phones or computers trying to reach a secure website. In order to use only one of your IP addresses as the main connection for most of your devices, you will have to implement a particular Rule to allow this to happen:

Set Up

First, you will need to create a DHCP reservation for the IP that you want to force onto WAN 1.

Once created, you will then create a Pass firewall rule on the LAN interface. The source IP will be the IP of the LAN device you want to force onto WAN 1. The destination will be left at ANY IP, ANY port, and ANY protocol.

You can set the Destination to WAN2 if you wish for traffic to go our WAN2 instead

Use Case

The reason you use something like this is if you have traffic that needs to continually come from the same connection. Most if not all web pages or apps are fine to come from different IP’s but in certain cases you would need to come from the same IP each time. This is the use case for this.

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