The Hotspot-Bridge feature allow you to connect the SimpleWAN to a 4g hotspot device. Simply enter the SSID, and PSK for the network and hit save. There are very little configuration changes that need to take place:

First verify that the LAN subnets are not overlapping. Change the SimpleWAN LAN to & leave the mifi device at
Note: You will also need to change the “sleep” function to “never” on the mifi device as well.

Once this has been set, go to the WAN/WAN2 interface on the SimpleWAN Dashboard

Select Hotspot Bridge from the drop down.

Input the SSID and PSK information for the hotspot.

Once all information has been set, hit save. Power on the mifi and reboot the SimpleWAN device.

Hotspot Bridge Option  

**Recommended over the other 4G options!!!**

The MiFi hotspot bridge option allows you to use an approved wifi dongle (please contact your Reseller/Distributor for pricing and model information) to connect the SimpleWAN device to a standalone MiFi hotspot. Simply go to the interface where you would like to set up the connection and choose hotspot bridge from the drop-down options. Then input the correct SSID (network name) and PSK (wifi password) in the fields below.

Things to watch out for : Settings on the MiFi device must allow it to remain on/active at all times (i.e. never goes into a sleep mode). The LAN IP on the Mifi must remain The LAN IP of the SimpleWAN is recommended to be at

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