Software Defined Virtualization / SDV How To

Software Defined Virtualization / SDV How To

This guide will show you all of what is needed to properly set up an SD-V group as well as join remote sites to that group.

SD-V will encrypt any traffic from the site back to the carrier as well as provide a no drop solution for the phone system on site.

Requirements -

  1. You will need a  SimpleWAN device in your data center sitting in front of the Network.
  2. You must have a SimpleWAN device at the branch site that needs to connect back to the data center.
  3. All sites must be running firmware 6.1.4 or higher in order to utilize the feature.


The groups must be set up and approved by SimpleWAN staff to ensure that all need configurations have been set correctly. We will need the source IP's of where your data center server is transmitting from. We will also need the site number for the SimpleWAN unit that is being used to transmit the traffic

Once the groups have been created, you will need to enable the SD-V feature on the site edit page.

Once enabled, navigate to the vLAN tab and create a new vLAN. You will now see an option to join that vLAN to the SD-V group you have just created.

Doing so will automatically assign the IP and subnet needed for the group to work correctly. Once the vLAN has been created you will need to join the phone to that vLAN in order for things to work correctly.

It should be noted that the SD-V servers only sync once every 24 hours. Meaning any site you want to enable the feature on will need to be done so the day before.

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