Site Shortcuts and Statuses

Site Shortcuts and Statuses

Site Shortcuts

  1. Edit - This is where you can change settings for this site such as your ISP SLA start date and firmware versions, as well as add new billable features such as content filtering, cyber security, WAN failover, managed WiFi, and SDV.
  2. Speed Tests - Use this icon to view recent speed tests for this site.
  3. Network Health - Use this icon to go straight to the Network Health diagnostics of the site.
  4. Change Log - view the audit log of changes made to this site.
  5. Firewall log - view recent blocked attacks on this site.
  6. MOS History - go directly to the MOS scoring history of this site to view call quality.
  7. Record WAN PCAP - Get packet captures for the WAN
  8. Record LAN PCAP - Get packet captures for the LAN
  9. Reset VMPLS - Reset the VMPLS group associated with this site (if applicable).
  10. Reboot Firewall - This button will issue a remote reboot command to this particular site! Please verify that you see a reboot command successful message at the top of your page after clicking the button.

Site Statuses

There are 9 statuses you'll be able to see on each firewall:

  • Online- The firewall is online
  • Unreachable - The firewall can't be reached
  • Double NAT - the firewall is being double NAT'ed
  • WAN Mismatch - the device is reporting a different IP than what was configured
  • Disabled - the firewall is disabled. Internet is still running but User cannot see the dashboard. 
  • Wan 1 Offline - the primary connection has failed and the connection moved on to the failover/load balanced connection
  • Wan 2 Offline - your secondary connection has failed. But Primary may still be running.
  • 4G - Your Primary connection is running on 4G LTE.
  • Deleted - This site has been deleted. There is no getting it back :(  

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