Testing Your Connection

Testing Your Connection

During setup, it's advised you have a laptop or PC directly connected to the Firewall for configuration. When you open your browser, navigate to either simplewan.com or Google.com. You will see one of 3 screens:

  • The website you visited (properly configured)
  • A calibration screen, this means your Firewall is configuring still. allow 1-2 minutes
  • A “Failed to Detect” screen

If you receive “Failed to Detect”, that means you are have 1 of 3 issues.

  • Your modem needs to have it's ARP cache cleared (you may need to contact your ISP)
  • You need to provide static connection information (IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway)
  • Your Modem Requires a PPPOE/PPTP Username and Password

If you need to define static information or a username/password, enter the information into the provided form and select Save. Your Firewall will attempt to connect again and may reboot automatically if needed.

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