Testing your Internet connection

Testing your Internet connection

Testing your Internet connection

During setup, it's advised you have a laptop or PC directly connected to the Firewall for configuration. To do this, please connect your laptop directly to the SimpleWAN via an Ethernet cable running directly into the LAN port of the SimpleWAN device. When you open your browser, navigate to If the SimpleWAN is still in the boot process, you will see one of 2 screens:

  • A calibration screen, this means your Firewall is configuring still. allow 2-3 minutes
  • A “Failed to Detect” screen

If you receive “Failed to Detect”, that means you are have 1 of 3 issues.

  • Your modem needs to have its ARP cache cleared (you may need to contact your ISP)
  • You need to provide different connection information, such as a static IP connection (IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway)
  • Your Modem Requires a PPPOE/PPTP Username and Password

If you need to define static information or a username/password, enter the information into the provided form and select Save. Your Firewall will reboot automatically. Please allow 5-10 minutes for it to run its initial startup phase again.

If you have all 3 lights on the front of the SimpleWAN device showing solid, that means a connection was established to the dashboard, and you should have internet access at this time. Please verify this by going to www.google.com or www.SimpleWAN.com on the laptop connected to the SimpleWAN. If you are unable to reach the Internet, please physically power cycle the unit. If that does not work, and you are sure you have the correct credentials entered into the configuration page, please power off the SimpleWAN, power off the modem, power up the modem and let it fully come up. Finally, power up the SimpleWAN again. Please be patient as this whole process of rebooting the network will take some time. On average it's going to take you around 15-20 minutes to complete the modem reboot and reconnect as well as bringing the SimpleWAN back up.

Warning: If there are ANY devices that are connected to the modem besides the SimpleWAN unit, your connection will show improper speeds and/or prevent the SimpleWAN unit from gaining proper connection. 

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