WAN Configuration (Static IP)

WAN Configuration (Static IP)

This article will guide you through setting up the WAN information on the dashboard and this guide is also applicable, if you are trying to update new static IP on the WAN.

1. Firstly, you open up the dashboard of the site that you wanted to install. 
2. Once on the dashboard,you click on the interfaces tab and then click on WAN.
3. Select Static on the Drop down list and fill out the IP address, Subnet mask and Gateway.
4. Double Check the info and click on save below.
5. After saving the changes, you can then go ahead and plug SteadyNet @Work to a working internet connection and wait for the lights to come up. At the same time please check the dashboard on the site overview page and check to make sure that the Sync timer does reset.  The Box may powercycle itself during this process and once the boot sequence is complete, you'll hear ding sound. 
6. By this time the status on the site overview page should say online.

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