When a customer wants to add their own DNS

When a customer wants to add their own DNS

We would have some customers asking to add their own DNS server.
This guide will give you some checklist to follow through.
You need to go to General Settings to go to DNS setup landing page.

On the upper right part of the General Settings landing page, you will see this tab. - This is Google DNS IP. We don't really suggest to change this because if their own DNS failed to go online, our device will look for google's default DNS. It would be easier for them to determine if they have issues with their DNS. - This our own DNS IP and they could replace this with their own DNS IP.

 Let's say they already have their own DNS set. They would need to check the Allow DNS server override by DHCP/PPP on WAN. 
 Just make sure it's enabled.

Note: If their server is running internally, it should be on ARP table. If their server is running outside their network then they could only ping it to check if it's working.

This will not be possible if you have Content Filtering enabled. To remove the feature, you will have to Edit the Site and remove the feature.

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