If you have one or more Ubiquiti devices, you can setup them up through our dashboard. Setup should be snap. You should be able to set it up as a Unifi Controller

If you are using the @Home Product or Platinum 250, This section has been preconfigured.  

Bridging allows you to connect multiple devices. Leaving this on LAN is standard. if you wish to separate the WIFI from the LAN Network, it is advised to set this up with a VLAN.

The ID that appears when the Wireless is Broadcasting; what appears as the name on your devices.

The Wi-Fi channel you want to use. Most configurations default to Auto. Change this if you think there is a wireless interference in the network esp. if you have multiple Wireless Access Points (WAP) in the building.

WPA Mode
This it the mode WPA runs in. Most configurations will use PSK.

WPA Version
The version of WPA Security you want to use.

The cipher WPA uses. AES is the standard for most configuration.

Wi-fi Standard
Select whether you want to use the B or G standard for Wi-Fi.

Wireless PSK
The Wi-Fi password clients will use to connect. The default password is written at the bottom of the unit. E
nter the password with the dashes (-) included and the asterisks (*) removed.

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