General Settings

            Basic Settings 

            Here you can set below details related to your Firewall:

            1. Host name - The first part of the Router's Domain Name (eg. 'myrouter)
            2. Domain name -  The last part of the Router's Domain Name (eg.
            3. DNS Forwarding 
            4. Custom VoIP Port for MOS Scoring
            5. ICMP on WAN - By default is not allowed due to Security Reasons. It prevents Troubleshooting Tools such as Ping and Trace Route
            6. Fragmented IPSEC Packets - If set to Allow, Users on this Network who use their own VPN will avoid experiencing slow downloads
            7. SIP ALG or Proxy - Disabled by Default. Use site as an Application-Level gateway (Proxy) for SIP Phones which have troubles behind NAT Firewalls
            8. DNS Server Override by DHCP/PPP on WAN - Disable if You want to set your own DNS Server
            9. DNS Override - Disable if You are having DNS Issues or want DHCP clients to use their own DNS Servers directly, or if You don't need DNS Overrides.

            DNS Servers and Active Directory

            Updated: 03 Jul 2019 01:26 AM
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