The L2TP feature is recommended over PPTP access being that it is more secure. Simply enable the L2TP server as well as the IPsec server. Create a user on the L2TP page, and configure the L2TP settings. It is recommended to configure with the highest options for both Encryption and Hash algorithms. MAC's have a built in client that needs no configuration changes. If you are using a Windows computer there is a registry change that will need to be applied prior to connecting.

            Setting up L2TP 

            To enable the L2TP feature, first you click on the VPN tab on the left had side in the dashboard and it will drop down the list of available VPNs, then click on L2TP. Please take note that L2TP is only available to 6.3.x firmware. You may need to upgrade your firmware incase you are on the lower one.

            Next step, is to enable the feature and input the settings in the necessary box. Please keep in mind that the settings needs to match with the device that you connecting to the VPN tunnel from. Then save the changes below.

            Updated: 18 Sep 2019 07:43 AM
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