OPT Port Failover

            Your SimpleWAN device supports failover to a secondary connection in the event your primary connection has an issue. You can easily add this feature by contacting your Reseller/support agent and asking them to activate the feature as it needs to be added at an administrative level.

            Once the Failover feature is activated, update the new WAN2 interface with the failover connection IP info (static, DHCP, etc.). Once that new information is saved, power down the SimpleWAN, plug the secondary connection into the OPT port and then power the SimpleWAN back up so that it can run a speed test on the failover connection for QoS settings. Be sure to go into the Diagnostic Tools section, and then click speed tests to verify that both a WAN and a WAN2 speed test were run. If there is no WAN2 speed test result, verify that the WAN2 information was input correctly, and reboot the unit again.

            It takes a minimum of 20 minutes for the connection to failback once it has failed over. This is to validate that the primary connection is once again stable and ready for use. The idea behind this is to verify that the connection won't just bounce back and forth between the connections and ensure that QoS is being maintained.

            *If you are utilizing the failover feature of the SimpleWAN, we recommend that the primary connection is set to static. If it is set to DHCP, the device could have issues connecting back to the primary internet connection. Also, if the failover itself is taking a long to negotiate an IP address, set it to static as well to ensure a quick failover time.*

            Other Uses For OPT Port

            The OPT port may be used for dual WAN / teaming / balancing. It is only activated when the Load Balancing/Failover feature is active. Please choose the appropriate option under the WAN2 interface menu as shown below. As mentioned above, please verify that a speed test was run for both the WAN and WAN2 interface. 

            Updated: 17 Jul 2019 02:53 AM
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