PPTP Settings

            You can enable or disable PPTP from here, and get the Dial In address. Unless you have VPN users, you should disable this for security.

            Please keep in mind that PPTP is being Phased Out. This VPN service has been known for breaches and most ISP are now BLOCKING the service entirely. If the service no longer works for you like it used to, the ISP may have blocked the service already.

            PPTP User List

            Here you can see the list of VPN users, and add new users.

            You can also disable users or delete them from here is well. 

            How it Works

            1) Enable the PPTP
            2) Create the Credentials in the dashboard
            3) Set up your PC for a VPN 
            - PPTP only (not auto)
            - Address should be the Dyn. DNS Address on this page or on the Site Overview page

            4) Connect to the VPN
            5) Use the Username and Password you created earlier.

            Updated: 05 Aug 2019 04:57 AM
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