Setting Up Your Platinum Unit

            When you first get your SimpleWAN device, you should have several items in the box:

            • A SimpleWAN Advanced Firewall
            • An ethernet cable
            • Power supply
            • Unboxing flyer
            • Accessories Box

            The company that provided the SimpleWAN device to you should have created your login credentials using your email address. Please contact that company if you are having issues logging in. If you wish to have a "side-by-side" install with one of our support technician, Contact us for assistance.

            Before you start with the next steps, we ALWAYS recommend having any network critical / internet critical devices (Modem, SimpleWAN, switches, etc.) directly plugged into an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). 
            To get started, take a single computer or laptop and move to where the router will be activated. turn off the laptop/pc, you'll want it to have a clean ARP record.
            Power off your modem, and connect the provided Ethernet Cable from the modem to the WAN port on the SimpleWAN. power on the modem first, allow the modem to finish initialization, then power on the SimpleWAN.

            It will take time to fully boot depending on your internet speed. Any interruption may cause the unit to load a bad configuration or Firmware.

            You will see the Firewall online in the dashboard once fully booted. When you do, connect the laptop/pc into the LAN port and power it on. Please ensure your computer is set to DHCP.

            Once you have configured your Firewall (if not previously completed),  Test Your Connection. You can now remove the PC/Laptop from the LAN, and begin connecting your regular devices and switches.

            *You may need to restart computers, phones, and networked devices like printers to receive an IP from the Firewall.*

            Depending on your ISP, you may need to put your modem in Transparent Bridge Mode if it is a modem/router combination device. To Test if your modem/router combo is already in bridge, plug in a PC or Laptop directly to the modem. If you receive a private DHCP address, the router is not in bridge mode.
            Bonus pro tip!!! If you have a Comcast modem and are using a Static IP, they decided to be sneaky compared to the other ISP's. You'll need to turn LAN DHCP off on their modems and leave them unbridged! 

            Updated: 26 Aug 2019 11:42 PM
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