Speed Tests

            These speed tests are based on 50-megabyte downloads and 35-megabyte uploads to public servers, which will provide a conservative result compared to other speed test websites. Many of the speed test websites are hosted at your Internet provider and do not show your true speeds to the actual Internet, where most of your services are hosted.  However, conservative values are preferred for VoIP traffic and real time applications in order to provide a smooth, consistent experience. Traffic prioritization can be disabled via enabling Advanced View in the Traffic Prioritization, however it is not recommended if this site has VoIP phones or real time prioritization need. Primary speed tests are generated only when the firewall reboots. You will also see an estimated maximum number of simultaneous VoIP calls available at the given speed, assuming an 88kbps u-law codec. It is recommended to generate speed tests during normal business hours in order to accurately measure typical business speeds. Getting core speeds by rebooting at night are a false test and can cause problems because it's not real when your neighbors are using the Internet.

            If you want to do a "Speed Test" through a normal speed testing site. Please put your SimpleWAN in speed test mode in the dashboard. During that time period it will allow a single device to use 100% of the bandwidth at your site. Keep in mind these tests are not really real. Speed test mode will automatically disengage after 30 minutes. 

            For additional information, you may also view our Youtube video

            If your secondary ISP does not appear to have any Speed Tests, then the SimpleWAN unit either does not recognize that there is a device/connection connected, the settings are incorrect, or there is no ISP connection.
            A proper Speed Test with both Primary and Secondary ISP should look like this:

            Updated: 06 Aug 2019 01:31 PM
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