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            Upgrading Firmware

            Upgrading Firmware

            To upgrade or downgrade the firmware on a SimpleWAN device, select the edit icon next to the site name you want to change the firmware on as seen below:

            From the edit site page, scroll down to the firmware section and select the version you want to upgrade to/downgrade to. On the side of the firmware selection, you will see a pale blue section with the status of the firmware (alpha, beta, stable, recommended, deprecated) and the details on the firmware selection you have chosen (bug fixes and improvements). This is shown in the first picture below. Once you have saved the new firmware selection from the edit page by clicking the save button at the bottom of the page.  

            WARNING! If your Firmware is below 6.1.4, you MUST FIRST upgrade to 6.1.4 before upgrading to any other firmware.

            Picture 1

            You will know if you saved your change successfully because you will see a yellow icon under the firmware section in the edit sites tab on the main account overview page (picture below); reboot the site either from the dashboard or by physically power cycling the device by unplugging the SimpleWAN from its power supply and plugging it back in.

            Please keep in mind that the typical rules for booting still apply here: the device will be down while it performs the upgrade and performs a new batch of speed tests.
            You will be able to tell that the upgrade completed successfully by checking the sync time of the device where the upgrade was performed. Click the site and then view the section to the right (indicated with a map). You should see a recent sync time when the site has completed the upgrade, and you will no longer see a yellow icon indicating that the update is pending!

            If at any point the reboot process were to be disrupted, there is a high possibility that the SimpleWAN unit will receive major software backlash.

            Updated: 04 Sep 2019 04:05 AM
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