4G Options

4G Options

SimpleWAN now supports 4G Connecctions. We have the option to use any Carrier via our own built-in 4G Option via the @Home product. You can contact your sales representative or SimpleWAN directly to inquire about adding this service.

If you are using the USB Wireless Dongle and want to know which device works with our unit, we have a list of available devices below.

Note: Simplewan device LAN range should be something other for the failover to work as most 4G devices use that LAN IP as their Gateway IP.
ex: etc.. 

Pantech UML 290

When using failover, you need to use external DNS servers Like Google otherwise failover won't kick in.
We also have the Mifi option if you would rather than use that than the 4g USB dongles  You can contact your sales representative or SimpleWAN directly to inquire about adding this service.
You Must be running Version 6.0.0 or Above for 4G compatibility.

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